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Over half of SMEs in the UK don’t know how much they spend on printing.

Do you?

According to a recent report by EBM Ltd, nearly four out of five small to medium sized businesses in the UK wish to cut the amount of money they spend on printing. Despite these figures, the majority of businesses actually have little idea just how much they are spending!

The report, conducted in May 2017, revealed a staggering 79% wanted to reduce their print spend, with ‘out of control’ spending blamed on a number of factors including unnecessary printing and the wrong type of printer being used.

Further research suggests that these businesses spend between 1% and 3% of their annual turnover on printing each year, with the majority of these costs taken up by consumables including paper, toner and ink cartridges. This is a significant percentage, and a large concern for smaller businesses.

This is where Cash for Toner can help.

Cash for Toner can help businesses get back on the right path. We can help you recuperate expensive printer operating costs by purchasing your unused and surplus printer toner and ink cartridges.

Time to search your stock cupboards.

With print technology developing at such rapid speed, we are finding that many businesses are upgrading their printers to newer models with increased capabilities giving them greater flexibility of what they can print in-house. Many businesses are retiring their old printers altogether in favour of a more cost-effective leasing contract.

In both cases, many office managers are unware of the value of their old stock of unused printer cartridges. In fact, it’s not unusual for businesses to not even be aware they have surplus stock to begin with!

Cash for Toner can definitely help ease your printing spend woes. We offer the same exceptional service to all our customers, whether they be home users, start-ups, small, medium or large businesses.

Cash for Toner offer great prices for your unused toner or ink cartridges (we can even take the toner cartridges without a box!). The whole process is designed around you, making the sale as effortless as possible and broken down into 3 easy steps:

Simply enter the details of your printer cartridge(s) online via our homepage and we’ll get back to you with a genuine quotation, usually within 24 hours. As soon as you have approved the quote we can then collect the printer cartridges from you at a time that best suits you – even the next day!* Finally, once we’ve checked your cartridges over, we’ll pay you in as little as 24 hours.

What do our customers say?

 “We had struggled to find anyone to take away our old photocopying toners as well as redundant new ones. We found Cash for Toner on a Google search and we are pleased we did. They are very polite and friendly and even paid for the toners which was an added bonus. They arranged the courier to collect the boxes and it was minimal effort for us. We will definitely be using Cash for Toner again” – Glenn Gunner, Crisis

Ready to start selling?

Enter your printer cartridge details now via our homepage and start selling today!


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* Free, next day collection is limited to UK mainland only.