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Packaging Guidelines | Cash for Toner

  • To ensure that you receive the best possible price for your toners, it’s important that you package them in an outer box, ready for collection.
  • You can pack different types of toners as well as toners in different conditions, all in the same box.
  • If you are placing a number of toners in the same pack box (especially if they are loose toners with the original boxes missing) please include some fillers around the items (e.g bubble wrap, newspapers, cardboard sheets, air pillows etc.) to create padding and cushion the products during transit.
  • You can pack your toners in as many boxes as you need, but please follow the below guidelines for maximum box dimensions and weight, as set by our courier company:
    • Boxes measuring less than 60cm in each direction and weighing under 30kg each
    • Boxes measuring less than 100cm in each direction and weighing under 30kg each

Once you’re happy with the quote we send you, you will be asked to specify quantity of boxes and which of the above dimensions the boxes fall under.

  • Make sure to print and fill out the Order Confirmation form (you will be able to download this once you are happy with the quote) and place it in with your toners BEFORE sealing the box up. We need this form so we can pay you – the form will include your preferred payment details.