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Product Condition Guidelines | Cash for Toner

Filling out our online quote form is very easy. When you come to select the condition of your toner, there are 3 options to choose from – Sealed Box, Opened Box, No Box. Please read our guidelines below to help you select the right option:

Sealed Box

  • A sealed box toner means that the toner is still in its original box and has not been opened. Do not open it if it is sealed – you get more money for it.
  • Unlike other surplus toner companies, we pay top prices for all toners in sealed boxes. We don’t categorise sealed boxes into different grades. We will accept sealed boxes with minor damage – please see below images for examples. 
Grade A new style minor dink
Grade A old packaging minor scuffs

Opened Box

  • An opened box toner means that the toner is still in its original box, but the box has been opened – keep the box even if it has been opened.
  • The toner should still be in its original sealed bag.

Opened Box Example
Opened Box Example
Example Opened Box
Opened Box Example

No Box

  • A no box toner means that the original box is missing. The toner itself can either be in its original sealed bag or the bag can be opened/missing.
  • The toner must have its security seals intact. If the security seals have been removed, we cannot buy the toner as it will be considered used and becomes valueless.
Example no box
Example no box