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Is there spare cash lying around your home or office?

You might not think it, but it’s very possible that there’s spare cash sitting in your home or office right now, collecting dust. Most people don’t realise, but having unused printer toner or ink cartridges in the cupboard at home, or inks and toners left over from an old printer at work is exactly that – spare cash.

As you can probably guess from the name of our company, we offer cash for printer toner. That same toner that you’d been meaning to clear out at work, or that spare printer cartridge you have stashed away at the back of your office drawer.

We can turn that toner and ink into cash, and it’s extremely quick and easy to do.

Just think, those printer cartridges that are just sitting there are worth real money, money that could be better spent on a takeaway, new clothes, a holiday or towards the next team night out at work. We know, life is extremely hectic these days – so who has time to worry about old printer consumables? That’s where Cash for Toner come in, we can help make it the easiest money you’ve ever made. It really is very simple, and involves just three easy steps – the third being your money in the bank!

So how do I turn my printer cartridge into cash?

Step 1 – Visit this page of our website and fill out the form telling us what spare cartridges you have.

We know what you are thinking, the toner box is old and ripped and who would want to buy something with a damaged box? Well we do, and we will. In fact, your toner or ink doesn’t even need to have its original box! (although you will get a bit more for it if it does).

Step 2 – Cash for Toner will get back to you with a quote within TWO working days, and sooner than that most times. All you need to do is approve our quote (we don’t penny-pinch), fill in the form providing collection and payment details and send.

Step 3 – We may be biased but this is definitely our favourite step, we organise for the toners or inks to be collected from you. Walk to the post office and send them out yourself? That’s not the Cash for Toner way – we like to look after you! Once we have received and checked your printer cartridges we’ll deposit the cash straight into your account (or via Paypal if you prefer), usually within 24 hours.

We did tell you it was easy! So, what are you waiting for? Grab those toners and inks, complete our online form and get the ball rolling. Now the only decision you really have to make is how to spend your extra money.